Our Programs Provide


  • A range of developmentally appropriate activities and materials with an emergent unit approach. The units are coordinated by the teachers and are generated by the children's interests.

  •  We provide a balance of active and quiet activities, individual, small and large group activities, child-initiated and teacher selected activities, and indoor and outdoor play activities. Learning centers are provided that allow children to explore, experiment, discover, create and ask questions.

  • Different areas in the classroom are set up to promote language and early literacy skills, numeracy, discovery, physical, social and emotional development.

  • Important social skills and character building such as trust, sharing, caring, fairness, independence, responsibility, respect for self and others are encouraged, helping to create a positive self-image for your child.

  • Our main centers will be Housekeeping, Drama, Blocks, Sand & Water, Reading, Two Art Tables, with one being completely open ended. Our centers are changed weekly/monthly according to seasons, community events and the needs and interests of the children.
  Special Programs: 

·       External link opens in new tab or windowGet Set for School Program: 4-5 year olds  

·       Signing:  Taught through colors, songs, and holiday themes.

·       Fine Fun: 3-4 year olds – Building the foundation for future fine motor skills

·       Good Sense – Using the Sensory System teaching children to be at their best state for learning  and living

·       Body Wise – Gross Motor Skills

                                           Doors Open 15 minutes before class time  

2020– 2021 SCHOOL YEAR

Orientation:                 September 1-4, 2020 

Starting Date:              September 8, 2020

Thanksgiving:              October 12, 2020 School closed

Remembrance Day:   November 11, 2020 School closed

Christmas Break:        December 14, 2020 - January 3, 2021 School closed (Parties 15-18)

Family Week:                February 15-19, 2021 School closed

Easter Break:               April 2-9, 2021 School closed

Victoria Day:                May 24, 2021 School closed

Last Day:                       June 7, 2021 (Year End Parties 8-11)









4-5 yrs. Old

Get Set for School

3 hrs.

9am-12:00 pm

3-4 yrs. old

2.5 hrs.


No Classes

3-5 yrs. Old

Get Set for School

3 hrs.

9am-12:00 pm


                                 Children may attend 1, 2 or 3 classes per week and                                                          

                                        Doors Open 15 minutes before class time